What you won’t see at the Pirate Summit 2014

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This post is in English because it is written for the European Pirate Summit 2014 and not for the German Pirate Summit. 😉 As a first time Entrepreneur I’m looking forward to the event with great excitement! I already enjoyed local entrepreneur meetings but this certainly is of a different scale. I first heard about the Pirate Summit from my friend Amir (@Amir_Rahbaran at Twitter) he will also be there to promote his great MOOC platform Crowducate.

My Pitch

I’m looking forward for many high quality and entertaining pitches. I also planned to pitch at the Pirate Summit 2014 but unfortunately my pitch wasn’t one of the luckily selected 45 of a total of 250 pitch applications. That’s why you won’t see this pitch on the Pirate Summit 2014. Anyway you can now watch the it here.

Making of

This video is the first video I’ve published on Youtube, actually it’s the first video I intentionally produced beside the typical (boring) private family videos. From the idea to the making it took 3 days with a weekend in between. Other than my speaks I held before this one was totally scripted because I didn’t have the time to practice and because I played a role and didn’t present as myself.


Pirate Summit 2014 Making of

The video has been recorded with my DLSR in my celling. The background was a tarp that I normally use in my garden. The only thing I had to buy for the recording was a Rode VideoMic Pro microphone because the sound from the build-in microphone was to bad. For the lighting I used a soft box with a 125W Daylight Bulb and a reflector.

Because the pitch was scripted and I had not much time to learn it I used my iPad as a teleprompter by using the app Prompter Duo. I was surprised how many teleprompter apps are available in the AppStore but this app is free and worked great for me.

Next production

Creating the video was a lot of fun and a new experience for me. I would like to do a regular (video) podcast but would prefer to do it together with someone else. (How about you?) Doing something together increases the fun.

Are you also going to the Pirate Summit 2014? What’s your project / product? Maybe you also have a pitch video to share? Feel free to leave the link as comment.

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